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Air Column Bag

Air Column Bag, its material is composed of PE+PA composite, which has anti-stretch and balanced properties. How to use it, inflate at one time, fill the entire row, automatically lock the air, if it is damaged, only the damaged single air column partially fails, and the rest of the air column is completely unaffected and still maintains the protective effect. It provides long-term storage and transportation without air leakage and anti-seismic protection, and the air-column-type comprehensive covering cushioning protection minimizes the damage rate. It complies with ROHS specifications, no matter it is produced, used or placed under any circumstances, there is no pollution.

As an independent bag,Air Column Bag needs to be manually inflated when used, or can be used with a Mini Electric Air Pump or an Air Compressor . If bag roll ,it can be inflated by air column machine .It is easy to use and efficient while enhancing corporate image.

Air Column Bag has a wide range of applications. As long as it is related to the packaging and the products that need to be transported, the air column bag can be used,such as red wine, fragile products, ceramic crafts, electronic products, food, daily chemical products,etc.
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