Air Cushion Bubble Film Manufacturing Process


Many people like to squeeze the bubbles on the foam, but do you know how the bubbles on the bubble wrap are made? Let's find out together.

Air Cushion Bubble Wrap 400x320

1. According to the soft and hard requirements of the bubble film, different types of resin raw materials are selected. The raw material particles are sucked into the mixer, and the different types of raw materials are mixed and stirred evenly according to a certain proportion, and the mixed raw materials are sent to the next through the pipeline. process.
2. The raw material is put into the extrusion molding machine, the raw material particles are heated and melted at a high temperature of 230 degrees Celsius, and the melted resin into a paste will be sent to the film forming and blowing machine.
3. The film is manufactured by extruding and expanding the resin. At the outlet of the film, the film is made into a cylindrical film by pulling and injecting air into it at the same time. Injecting air can make the thickness of the film more uniform.
4. Cut the cylindrical film with a knife into two films, and then receive them on the reel. Use a pressure roller to make the two films into a double-layer film, soften the film by heating it, and then roll it slowly. Winding on a vacuum forming roll with a round hole, a layer of film is sucked up by the round hole and becomes a vacuum bubble.
5. There are many small holes in the round holes on these forming rollers, which are connected to the machine for air extraction, and the film can suck out countless air bubbles on the film by passing through the vacuum forming roller.
6. These bubble films can be used in packaging by cutting them into rolls. I always thought that these bubbles were made by inflating them. It turned out to be so simple to make. You can pinch the bubbles with confidence and boldness in the future.