How to choose a reliable air pillow film supplier


According to the current air pillow film market, which is full of manufacturers of mixed quality, what kind of conditions do reliable air pillow film manufacturers need to have?


The editor summarizes a little experience based on the comments on the market. Among them, air pillow film manufacturers mainly have the following standards:


One: With independent and complete production equipment and technical level, even if there is no independent production capacity, it is necessary to have a complete set of processing procedures and centralized integration. This is the main criterion for distinguishing powerful manufacturers from small workshops.


Two: The air pillow film produced must meet the market requirements and customer service requirements, and meet the specifications, from the nylon content of the raw material (after the air pillow film is full of air, the higher the transparency, the higher the nylon composition), the thickness of the raw material of the air pillow film (can be measured with a micrometer) )Wait.


Three: Have an independent design team, have independent research and innovation ideas (can independently develop air pillow films), have a perfect quality team, have a clear specification for product quality, delivery, after-sales, and price, good air pillow films Manufacturers must meet these conditions!


Four: With a good reputation, the reputation of an air pillow film manufacturer involves many aspects. At the same time, if you cooperate with an air pillow film manufacturer with poor reputation, it will bring more disadvantages, such as not being able to deliver on time, and selling air pillow films. Bags are not responsible etc.


Of course, there are other factors, and specific problems are analyzed in detail. Here, we will not describe them one by one.