What are the benefits of air column bag and what effect can it play?


What are the benefits of air column bag and what effect can it play?

Air column bag, also known as buffer air column bag, inflatable bag, bubble column bag, column inflatable bag, is a new packaging material filled with natural air in the 21st century.

1. Anti-shock and anti-fall

As a buffer material, the shockproof effect of air column bag is needless to say. The drop test of foaming material is basically less than that of air column bag. The biggest reason is that the cushioning performance of the material is not enough, and air column bag is an air cushioning packaging material, which can bear more than 100kg of weight.

2. Leak proof

(1) The airway is a one-way valve to ensure no air leakage.

(2) The air column bag has an independent air column, each of which is independently sealed. Even if one air column is damaged in transportation, the other air columns will not have any impact, nor will they cause damage to the transported products.

(3) The service cycle of air column bag is very long, which can provide a long time of air-tight buffer and shockproof protection, so as to intuitively reduce the damage rate of transported goods.

3. Save space

(1) Let's temporarily put aside the excellent cushioning and shock absorption effect of the air column bag. Space occupation is also a problem that needs to be taken into account by the e-commerce, manufacturers and warehousing party. How to store more things that can bring direct benefits in the limited occupation space, reduce some unnecessary occupation and increase more goods is the second problem that should be taken into account. Air column bag is a good solution to these problems, compared with other shock absorbent materials (such as foam box, EPE and other packaging volume of large buffer materials), the air column bag does not need so much space, it only needs to be used in the use of inflation, such space-saving characteristics, reduce the volume of packaging materials, for businesses to save more space to store goods. So, businesses that don't have a lot of storage space don't need to worry, our air column bag can save you a large area to store more goods.

(2) Second, such as foam box, EPE packaging volume of cushioned materials, need not only a large number of warehouse, large area, and it can not handle much at a time, in this large volume of material handling enterprises need to invest a lot of money. The air column bag is a good solution to this problem.

4. Be flexible

The buffer air column bag itself is made of inert gas. General buffer materials need to have impact energy absorption. Simply put, in the case of back and forth collision, the buffer material will bounce back. So whether the buffer packaging has a good resilience is also a test of whether the material has a good shock absorber effect of the mirror. Jiangsu Yingpai Qi production of cushion air column bag has a good impact capacity, can produce a certain buffer shock absorber effect in the process of modern transportation, there is a good recovery. Compared to the traditional cushioning materials, foam, paper, pearl cotton and other materials, the product is less prone to damage.

5. Environmentally friendly

After the above excellent performance of the air column bag, in fact, it also has the characteristics of green environmental protection, air column bag in line with the seventh category of environmental resource recycling, natural degradation or recycling, green environmental protection, not only to meet the consumer's environmental protection psychology, and comply with the requirements of the development of The Times, is a sustainable development of a new buffer material resources. More importantly, the air column bag is convenient to use, the bag body is clean, transparent and beautiful, and after use, it will not leave crumbs on the commodity like foam, increasing the tedious follow-up work.

6. High flexibility

The length of the air column bag can be cut at will, and it can be used as a gasket to wrap articles independently, with high flexibility. Various widths can be customized for mass production in the assembly line, and the size is accurate, which can cover products closely and minimize the damage brought by transportation.