Why are the invention and use of air column bags dramatically reduces the risk of transportation?


Air column bags play a cushioning role in the packaging and transportation, reducing the risk of the vehicle.

According to relevant data, fragile products in transit breakage rate of about 3% on average. If the product is transported red wine and profit is not exceptionally high, about 3% of the breakage rate will likely bring an inevitable loss to the enterprise.

If something like this happens in the long run, it may have a terrible impact. First of all, the customer experience will undoubtedly have a specific adverse reaction; over time will inevitably be a decline in trust in the company. Secondly, the company's direct interests will be lost, which will result in the embarrassing situation of people and money. The same is true in other areas, such as electronic components, handicrafts, porcelain, etc., if the problem of damage will bring the company a certain amount of trouble.

When a product is damaged in transit, the first thing most people think of is that there is something wrong with the packaging of the product, and indeed there is. However, after calculating the average profit of the product, it is necessary to consider product safety packaging, especially for small products.

We recommend air column bag type packaging products; an air column bag airbag protection mechanism can effectively protect the product from harm in transit.

Air column bag to protect tablet PC

Many people who have used air column bags will understand the protective properties of air column bags and the advantages and disadvantages of packaging.
As a packaging product with air as a cushioning material, air column bag packaging has a great price advantage. In contrast, in combination with the superb performance of the material, air column bag packaging products are the best choice for the transport of enterprise products and the most appropriate and safe packaging in the trend of e-commerce.

Why are air column bags also so crucial to the development of enterprises?

The most considerable reliance on the long-term development of enterprises is often the customer, or take wine as an example. If the wine packaging of such products is highly safe, the breakage rate is meagre or even reached zero breakage rate. The customer will certainly get a good impression of the goods received. Publicity out, the number of customers will gradually follow the water more so that not only to maintain stable old customers but also to expand a large number of new customers.

Air column bag to protect wine

If companies do not consider this, think about using the compressed cost to obtain profits, so you may face the embarrassing situation of losing a wife and a soldier, so it will not be worth the loss.

Why is the air column bag worth your investment for it?

Air column bag products in terms of unit price determine slightly higher than other types of inflatable bag products. Still, the overall cost to calculate it also belongs to low-cost packaging products and other protective packaging materials; the price is similar. Secondly, the air column bag packaging products clean and tidy, in the packaging of such products as wine often gives a very high-end feeling, so that people are impressed.