Why is Air Pillow Film a necessity in modern society?


Air Pillow Film

With the continuous improvement of social productivity and material abundance, people's material needs are constantly changing.
For example, people living in America may want some Chinese porcelain, people in Iceland may wish to some tropical fruits; in short, people's needs are constantly creating wealth and value. However, various products are often damaged in transportation due to one or another accident, so the materials used to protect products are becoming more and more abundant, among which inflatable cushioning and filling packaging materials is one of the more mainstream logistics cushioning and protection materials. Air Pillow Film is one of the cost-effective and protective features that are more prominent. Air Pillow Film is one of the products with outstanding cost performance and protection function.

Air Pillow Film

What is Air Pillow Film?

Air Pillow Film is an environmentally friendly packaging material that is widely used in the packaging industry. The main working principle of this packaging material is to use the film to form various shapes of bubble capsules to prevent the products from being hurt by impacts and to protect the products from multiple external factors caused by transportation and handling.

Does Cushioning Air Pillow Film have a kind of development prospects?

With the development of the economy, online shopping has long entered millions of households. There is a growing trend for better and better protection of products in the transportation process of various products is a crucial point, so the market demand for the air-cushion film is also growing. Air cushion film is a mainstream green packaging material in China's packaging market after implementing the plastic restriction order. Nowadays, this product is widely used in various industries, especially in electronic products, wine transportation and fruit transportation, where it plays an increasingly important role.

What are the advantages of Air Pillow Film over other cushioning packaging materials?

Air Pillow Film has a wide range of uses and can be used to protect and transport products in almost every industry. The air cushion film also has high toughness, and at the same time, it has many excellent properties such as anti-pressure, shock absorption, anti-collision and anti-wear.
People who have shopped online know that it takes a long time to transport goods from order to receipt. In addition, the road is often bumpy, so the products are prone to collision and extrusion, so we have to choose an air bubble cushion to protect the products, which can reduce the impact of vibration in the road to avoid damage to the goods.
Air Pillow Film as a cushion filler packaging products can be recycled, green and pollution-free, harmless to the human body, from raw material procurement, product design to the production process until the post-consumer packaging recycling of all aspects of the principle of green health. Although in the future, new energy and environmental protection can be said to be the sunrise development industry, Air Pillow Film adheres to the development concept of green and environmental protection; it can be said that the development prospects are very optimistic. And as people's living standards continue to improve, people pay more attention to environmental issues and health problems, and Air Pillow Film is a perfect choice.