Air Column Bag quality testing standards, the best choice of transport protection in the 21st century


Air Column Bag

In the logistics industry today, the rapid development of a variety of packaging materials emerged in the market, which led to a variety of packaging materials of varying quality.
At present, the more popular buffer packaging material is Air Column Bag, which is also known as buffer air column bag, inflatable air tube, bubble column bag, column inflatable bag, is a new type of packaging materials in the 21st century using natural air filling. It is not only green, but the protective effect is also first-class, but in many brands of air column bag to determine the quality of its good or bad?

Air Column Bag

Air Column Bag quality can be tested from the following four points, respectively, their tightness, feel, colour and material.

1. Airtightness
Air as a cushioning material, airtightness is the first and most direct test of it, the airtightness of the good or bad determines whether it can provide a long period of protection and whether it can play a cushioning effect of anti-pressure.

2. Feel
Good quality bags products are often moderate feel, smooth, and poor quality products are often touched with a sense of grainy feel is not good, our products feel smooth and delicate, no sense of grain.

3. Color
Poor quality inflatable air tube often use some recycled miscellaneous materials, as the masterbatch for production and processing, so the use of these raw materials to produce the finished product colour is mostly yellowish, dark, Xuanwang air column bag colour is very pleasant to look at, the overall pearl colour, translucent, we use raw materials are imported raw materials firmly will not use any We use imported raw materials and will not use any recycled waste.

4. Material
The quality of air column bags, the determining factor is not because of its thickness, compared to the thickness, the nylon content is often more important. The amount of nylon content or not determines its ductility, determines whether it can withstand the impact of greater external forces such as impact and pressure, the content of nylon is a decisive factor that directly affects the quality of air packaging.

Buffered Air Column Bag packaging advantages.

1. High-quality PE + PA film, strong and durable, high airtightness. Protection performance is more guaranteed.
2. Basic materials tested by SGS does not contain any heavy metals, burning non-toxic, in line with the impermeable, moisture-proof and environmental characteristics, the best choice in this century instead of polyamide, EPE, pulp.
3. The cushioned bag is inflated with air before use and designed to fit the product, so it has the following advantages:
(1) low cost: people who know something about air column bags know that modern process production is mechanical automation, so the production efficiency is very high, and do not need to open the mould, mould trials, mould changes, so you can save a lot of R & D production costs.
(2) save space and more trouble: compared with traditional packaging, Air Column Bag space is very small, and better protection. Most importantly, consumers do not have to worry about a large amount of garbage after getting the goods.
(3) Recyclable, falling under Category 7 recycling standards.
(4) Reduced packaging process and labour saving.
(5) Non-polluting nature.
(6) It also provides seismic protection for long time storage and transportation without air leakage.
(7) improve corporate image: air column bags as a modern and more advanced packaging materials, environmental protection and non-polluting, in transport, can protect the product, but also show consumers the image of a company. You know, for environmentally friendly enterprises, consumers have a certain degree of goodwill. Air column inflatable bags comply with the EU ROHS green requirements, while reducing a lot of waste of resources, so it is a great help to enhance the corporate image of the user's praise.

Cushion air column bag features.

1. The material is non-toxic, recyclable, no environmental problems.
2. The production process is all tailored by computer, no need to make moulds, fast delivery and low cost.
3. Easy packaging, improve protection, save freight and reduce storage space.
4. Improve the appearance of the product packaging image.
5. Automatic airlock after inflation.
6. Even if an air column is broken, it will not affect the cushioning protection of the whole air column bag for the product.

Therefore, in the purchase of Air Column Bag to pay attention to these details to ensure that the purchase will not occur quality problems.