What are the characteristics of the Air Column Cushion Packing Bags?


What are the Characteristics of the Air Packing Bags?

The rise of the logistics and express industry has led to the development of related industries. The market is currently flooded with a wide variety of various logistics cushioning and filling packaging materials, but which material has good cushioning performance and strong protection ability, which requires us to identify carefully. To know what kind of Air Packing Bags is better, we need first to understand the characteristics of such Air Packing Bags.

Air Packing Bags
1.vibration absorption capacity
Products in the loading and unloading transportation process will not only be subject to a variety of external forces brought about by the impact, but also by the accelerated impulse of transportation tools to form the vibration, external vibration force will resonate with the product phenomenon, increasing the amplitude and cause damage to the product. Therefore, Air Packing Bags should have the ability to absorb vibration.
2.Recovery ability
In the process of cushioning filling material to protect the product, the contact surface of Air Packing Bags will be deformed under the action of external forces; when this force disappears, the effect of cushioning filling packaging material deformation should be weakened or return to a state close to the beginning. Buffer filling packaging materials may be subject to long-term static pressure load and load by shock, vibration, the difference between the two, the former for static recovery, the latter for dynamic recovery, for the absorption of energy and inadequate recovery capacity of the material is not suitable as a buffer filling packaging materials.
3.the absorption of impact energy.
General hard cushioning materials, with a significant impact energy absorption, adapt to the impact of smaller occasions; cushioning materials can absorb the energy generated by the effects, but pay attention to the size of the absorption performance of the material and the impact energy by no means the more excellent the absorbency of the fabric is better.

What are the related types of Air Packing Bags?

Looking at the whole market of buffer filling packaging materials, there are traditional Air Column Bag, pearl cotton, paper, etc... Still, the impact protection ability of these materials in general, it is difficult to achieve the buffer effect produced in the modern transportation process, the product is easily damaged, and on the other hand, the appearance of such buffer filling packaging materials is too poor, the neatness is meagre.

The appearance of Air bubble bags has fundamentally changed the problem of formation and neatness.

The new cushioning material - Air bubble bag, fundamentally change this situation. First of all, the composition of the bubble bag is made of PE and other materials, with excellent resistance to stretching and recovery ability. In addition, the Air bubble bag is composed of 99% air and 1% film, and the air has excellent impact energy and shock absorption; compressibility is extreme. On the other hand, Air bubble bag meets the seventh category of environmental resources recycling, can be naturally degraded or recycled, green, not only to meet the consumer's ecological protection psychology but also to meet the requirements of the development of the times. For this reason, an Inflatable bag, as a new type of environmental protection material, is bound to stand out in the cushion packaging.
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