Air Bubble Bag, Air Leakage Guidelines


How is the Air Bubble Bag made?

Air Bubble Bag, as the name implies, is a cushion packaging bag, made of a layer of film folding, the two ends of the bag body heat sealing connection, forming a closed line around the upper end of the formation for the inflatable opening, the bag is filled with air and then closed to become a common cushion packaging materials in life.

Air Bubble Bag air leakage mainly has the following three reasons.

1. The electrician in the Air Bubble Bag inflatable encountered sharp objects caused by the cushioning Air Bubble Bag. Although the pressure resistance is extreme, sharp objects are indeed its nemesis. Avoid strong packaging products is one of the conditions for the use of cushioned inflatable bags.
2. Maybe due to the operator's temperature adjustment. The lack of sealing wind will make the inflatable bag sealing crimp is not firm and, therefore, produces air leakage.
3. When inflating the inflatable bag, the air volume is too large, leading to over-inflation and efficiently producing the risk of bursting.

Air Bubble Bag

How to prevent air leakage of inflatable bag-type packaging materials?

More and more people are starting to use inflatable bags cushioning filling packaging materials; as such, packaging materials are mainly filled with air to protect the product. If using Air Bubble Bag class packaging materials, air leakage will directly affect the actual protection effect. In the actual use of the process to prevent air leakage phenomenon should do what measures?
1. Avoid contact with sharp objects. Some businesses in Air Bubble Bag packaging products will have a unique packaging table, but this packaging table will often be placed on top of many tools, such as steel rulers, scissors, hobby knives, etc. When inflating the bag, if these sharp tools accidentally cut the inflatable bag, it will damage the inflatable bag, which can not continue to use.
2. Avoid direct contact with the hardware. When inflating items for packaging or filling gaps, pay attention to the outer box has no sharp edges, including when filling products such as leather bags, to ensure that the hardware inside can not directly touch the airbag to avoid scratching.
3. Avoid direct contact with the ground. Some businesses do not use a special workbench when packaging products, generally on the floor to complete the packaging work directly, so when they get the airbag, but also directly on the ground for inflatable operations. As there is a lot of sand or other particles that we can hardly find with the naked eye, when the airbag is placed on the ground, the airbag will likely be worn out because of these tiny particles. Or to the Air Bubble Bag surface caused by some small sand holes, resulting in chronic air leakage of inflatable bags.
Therefore, for the Air Bubble Bag type packaging materials to prevent air leakage, you need to pay more attention to some details to ensure that such products play the maximum effect.