Why air cushion film is the best choice as a cushioning bag?


The invention of air cushion film

It was invented in 1960 by American Mark Shawana. At first, he just wanted to design a new three-dimensional wallpaper. One day, when he saw the clouds outside the window while riding in an airplane, he felt that the clouds were used to protect the plane from landing safely, and inspired by this, he made plastic air cushion film. Air cushion film soon became a popular packaging material because of its shockproof, moisture-proof and anti-abrasive properties. Later, because many people like to crush the bubbles on the air cushion film, it relieved psychological stress.

Air Cushion Film

What are the excellent properties of air cushion film?

Air cushion film is processed with excellent polyethylene resin, processed into the single and double mask. The film has good transparency and gloss, has good stretchability, toughness and heat resistance, can be used continuously at 120 degrees Celsius, and has the stability to many solvents such as acid, alkali, and salt-specific temperature range. Air cushion film is adapted to a wide temperature range. The typical use temperature range is -70 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius; if there is a requirement for the film's colour, a suitable amount of colouring agent can be added to the resin.

What are the advantages of air cushion film?

1. Lightweight. This is a good feature, then we know is that there may be times when the quality of some packaging products is weighty, which leads to more wasteful energy in the logistics process, especially for some retail sellers, this heavy packaging material may increase the logistics costs, so the use of air cushion film is an excellent idea.

2. It is transparent. So in the process of use, we can clearly see the product inside, plus the product is flexible, so special product packaging has a unique role.

3. Cushion air cushion film is waterproof, moisture-proof and pressure-resistant. Single-sided air cushion film is suitable for protecting products with lighter weight. In contrast, double-sided air cushion film has a shockproof solid ability. It is ideal for packaging larger and heavier items, which is a good choice for mailing valuable items, cosmetics, small home appliances and fragile items.

The application of air cushion film is inseparable from air pillow machine, so how does it work?

Air pillow machine is also called air bubble film inflator, which inflates rolled film, bubble film, gourd ball, air pillow, inflatable film and inflatable bag. These bubble films can be used to fill boxes and wrap products after inflation, mainly used in logistics or factory delivery, and can be used in various industries.

Xuanwang's senior engineer said, air pillow machine can be placed on the desktop, assembly line directly manufacturing cushion air cushion, air cushion film has a variety of films, suitable for different occasions, different products, its cushion air cushion effect is excellent, now many factories use this small mini tool.

Air pillow machine

So, how to operate the air pillow machine?

First, directly put the bubble film in rolls, and insert the inflatable tube on the machine to register cinema.
Second, plug in the power supply, turn on the "ON."
Third, preheat.
Fourth, open the "start" can be, will be continuous inflatable, fast.