What are the thicknesses of the air column bag? How to choose to purchase?


Why is there a difference in the price of the air column bag?

There are many reasons for the price difference, but the main point is the difference in quality; that is, the thickness of the film material is different.

How many different thicknesses of air column bag?

After research, air column bags on the market there are about the following thicknesses: 50μm, 60μm, 65μm, 70μm, 75μm, 100μm, etc. 100μm is generally rarely seen in the market, mainly used by some large listed companies! And other thicknesses of air column bags are used a lot.

What thickness of the air column bag is the best?

Different products need different degrees of protection, so the thickness used is not the same. However, in terms of air column bag research and development patents, test the thickness of a single layer of 75μm, nylon content of 20%. And due to the imperfect competition in the market, many manufacturers of thickness down and down again, so there is a phenomenon of insufficient thickness in the existing industry.

Let's not discuss whether other thicknesses of the air column bag can guarantee the product's safety, but as far as common sense, the thicker the consistency, the higher the nylon content, the better and more stable its quality!

The greater the thickness of the price is naturally relatively high, many purchasers will put price first when considering the cost, which has led to the emergence of many cheap, low-quality air column bags on the market, which is also a product of vicious competition in the market! But customers with brand awareness will not choose cheap and low-quality air column bags.

Because for the brand image, to protect the product will not cause losses due to the unstable quality of air column bags so that they will choose high-quality material cushion bags.

air column bag

General knowledge of air column bag

Air column bag is also known as cushion air column bag; the inflatable bag is a new type of cushion packaging product. It can maintain the air column type cushioning of the overall package and reduce the loss of goods delivery to low risk.

Buffer air column bag features.

1. Material does not contain toxicity, can be recycled, no environmental pollution problems.
2. The production process is all customized by an electronic computer, no need to make a mould, the delivery time is fast and low cost.
3. Simple packaging, enhance safety protection, save transportation costs, reduce storage logistics.
4. Improve the packaging design appearance brand image.

I buffered air column bag packaging advantages.

1. High-quality PE + PA plastic film, durable, high sealing. Maintenance characteristics are more assured.
2. The basic raw materials are tested by SGS without heavy metal overload, ignition does not contain toxicity, in line with the poor air permeability, waterproof and environmental protection features, the 21st century alternative to pearl cotton, EPE, paper paddle selection.
3. buffer gas column bag itself choose rare gas as raw materials, the goods paste body to create, so itself both the following advantages.
(1). Reduce the cost
(2). Save indoor space
(3). Recyclable
(4). Reduce packaging steps and save human resources
(5). Zero contamination
(6). Cushioned air column bag additionally can show long-term storage and transportation without leakage of vapour seismic grade maintenance.

Air column bag manufacturer Xuanwang does not appeal to all customers using quality air column bags because the products need to be protected to different degrees; the customer's business philosophy is different, so the choice is not the same! But for customers who urgently need to protect their products well, high-quality air column bags are your best choice!