Inflatable Bags Suppliers, choose the standard of inflatable bag manufacturers.


The inflatable bag market has developed, and various manufacturers using inferior materials have appeared on the market. This has caused very relevant questions for buyers. How to choose the most reliable inflatable bag manufacturer, and what conditions are required?

Four criteria for choosing an inflatable bag supplier:

1. With independent and complete production equipment and technical level, there must be full processing technology and centralized integration even if there is no independent production capacity. This is the main criterion to distinguish between powerful manufacturers and small seminars.
2. The inflatable bag made must meet the market requirements and customer requirements and meet the nylon content of the raw material (after the inflatable bag is inflated, the higher the transparency, the higher the nylon content) and the inspection of the raw material thickness of the inflatable bag.
3. There is an independent design team, independent development and innovative ideas (inflatable bags can be developed independently), a complete quality inspection team, and precise specifications for product quality, delivery time, after-sales service, and price.
4. Have good credit. The credit problem of an inflatable bag manufacturer involves many aspects. At the same time, cooperating with a poorly credited inflatable bag manufacturer will bring many shortcomings, such as inflatable bags that cannot be shipped on time and are not responsible for sales.
There are very few inflatable bag manufacturers in the inflatable bag industry as a whole that can meet the above needs. Xuanwang, as a leader in the inflatable bag industry in China, is a manufacturer of inflatable bags with strong production capabilities. With the business philosophy of smart packaging and serving the world, Xuanwang brings customers To the greatest benefit.

Inflatable Bags

Why is it important to choose high-quality inflatable bags?

We all know that the main function of an inflatable bag is to protect items from damage during transportation. However, we interviewed many customers, and they said that inflatable bags from many manufacturers do not protect their items well. Why?

Shenzhen Mr. Li's company is headquartered in Germany. The main products are health care products in fragile bottles. Many goods need to be sent to China. For the first time, Mr. Li found a Chinese inflatable bag manufacturer during transportation. In order to prevent the fragile products from being damaged, the quality of the inflatable bag was not known during the first use, so all the goods transported on the plane were broken. In a conversation with the supplier’s staff, Mr. Li revealed that the thickness of the previously used inflatable bag was a single layer of 0.06mm, and the nylon content was not obvious. Supplier staff were surprised to hear that many manufacturers in the industry used membrane materials with insufficient thickness, but it is rare that the entire batch of goods was damaged. Mr. Li said, I know that there is such a big risk to using this cheap inflatable bag to ensure the quality of use, and the price of the lost product is not known to be several times the price of the inflatable bag.

Customers abandon cushioning products such as pearl cotton and foam and use inflatable bags as cushioning packaging to better protect the items and minimize the damage rate. Like the health food made by Mr. Li's company, a bottle can sell for tens to hundreds of dollars, and the cost is also very high. Ten of the 1,000 damaged goods lost thousands of dollars. It is enough to use the money to buy high-quality inflatable bags.

The inflatable bag industry is also an emerging industry. Now some inflatable bag manufacturers are ignoring the safety of customers' product transportation in order to compete for customers and reduce costs so that they will be transported to their feet for a long time. When all the customers are pitted, these manufacturers go bankrupt!
Only by improving product quality and protecting customers' products can we develop ourselves better! For more inflatable bag industry information, follow XUANWANG.