Several issues need to be paid attention to when purchasing Air column bag.


Air column bag has become a profit target for many people. However, those who have no skills and experience will only hurt the industry and substantially negatively impact.

Therefore, many people are cautious when buying air column bags, hoping to buy good air column bags. So, what issues should be paid attention to when choosing air column bags?

1. There are many brands, and the quality of the air column bag is first.

Many manufacturers are engaged in producing and selling air column bags on the market, and the quality varies greatly. If you want to buy a good product, you must first pay attention to quality rather than price. Many buyers pay attention to price the first time, and quality becomes the second consideration. The direct result of this approach is that some people spend less money, but the quality of the air column bag products they buy is poor.

In contrast, industry insiders have noticed that the initial single-layer thickness of the air column bag is 0.75 mm, and the nylon content is about 20%, which is relatively standard. However, to maximize the benefits and reduce costs, some small manufacturers will choose to reduce the thickness of the film and nylon content. We all know that the higher the nylon content, the better the quality of the air column bag, and the less nylon content, the more likely it is to cause problems.

Quality of air column bag

As a result of this, needless to say, if two batches of packaging are used to maintain the same product at the same time, the storage time of the defective product will certainly not be too long, and the possibility of damage is more significant. Therefore, Xuanwang suggested that the quality of the goods must be determined when buying.

2. There are many manufacturers of air column bags, and reputation is the priority.

In feedback from some customers, when working with some manufacturers, the quality was excellent initially. After many cooperations, various problems began to occur, quality problems or product quantities did not meet the standards, etc. These manufacturers must be small. Their collaboration is limited to one or two times, and as time goes by, they will be abandoned by the industry soon.

Many customers may cooperate with them when they do not understand the actual situation at first, but after experiencing the real experience, they will choose a new partner. The emergence of these bad manufacturers damaged their reputation and brought a negative impact on the entire industry. At the same time, many large-brand, highly reliable air column bag manufacturers have also been greatly affected.

In response to this, Xuanwang suggested that everyone must find a manufacturer with a high reputation and a long time for company development when first selecting partners. They should not covet the initial small bargains to avoid significant losses.

Application of air column bag

The advantages of air column bag packaging mainly include the following four points.

1. Made of PA+PE, green and environmentally friendly.
2. Good protection performance; single damage does not affect others.
3. It is flat before inflating, which can reduce storage costs.
4. Strong shock resistance, protect your goods from deformation and damage and reduce damage costs.
If you buy an air column bag, you should also smell the bag. If the rubber smell is heavy, it also means that the item is a substandard product.
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