Air bubble bag production material is air bubble film; what are the parameter standards of air bubble film?


The air bubble bag is made of air bubble film. The quality of air bubble film is an essential criterion.

Some parameters of air bubble film are as follows:
1). Material and texture used: generally divided into new materials and recycled materials. From the perspective of the finished product, the whole roll of the brand-new air bubble film is white, with high transparency, no visible impurities, no pungent smell, and comfortable hand feeling; there are many types of recycled materials, and they are divided into good or bad, for example, if you use waste There will be a big gap between the air bubble film made of pipes and waste plastic wrap. In short, the worse the material, the darker the colour of the product, the more opaque, the more impurities, and the more pungent smell. The transparency of a single piece of good recycled material is also very high, distinguished by checking whether there are crystal spots on the film. Uneven melting of recycled materials can quickly produce crystal points.
Below, the left side is brand new material, and the right side is better-recycled material. It is obvious to put together in rolls.

Bubble bags made of new and recycled materials

2). Bubble diameter: Generally, there are 6mm, 10mm, 28mm, 20mm (not very common), and heart-shaped bubbles (special appearance, but not as good as round bubbles).
The most common one is the bubble diameter of 10mm, which has a wide range of pressure resistance. 6mm is characterized by its beautiful appearance and neat bubbles. It is suitable for products with outer packaging such as telephones. It is mainly anti-wear and shock-absorbing. The bubble diameter of 20-28mm is a giant bubble. The bubble height is higher, the thickness of the film will be thicker, and the cushioning and shockproof effect is the best.
The figure below shows the bubble diameters of 6mm, 10mm, and 28mm from left to right.

Bubble film of 6mm, 10mm, 28mm bubble diameter

3). Thickness: The thickness does not mean the height of the bubble but the thickness of the film. Because air bubble film cannot directly measure the thickness with a micrometre, it is generally used to say how many grams per square meter (similar to 70g and 80g for A4 paper). The greater the weight, the stronger the pressure resistance and the more complex the hand feels. In the figure below, two air bubble films, 1 and 2, are the same size, and the bubble height is the same, which means one is lighter and the other is heavy.

Same size and different weight of bubble film
a) The standard thickness of 10mm bubble diameter ranges from 35g/㎡ to 100g/㎡. It can be made thicker, such as 200g/㎡, but the cost is too high for the user, so it is rare. According to experience, the thickness of 65g-85g/㎡ is a good choice, with good compression resistance and low cost.
b) The standard thickness of 6mm bubble diameter is from 35g/㎡ to 100g/㎡. According to experience, 50g-70g/㎡ for this kind of small bubble is more appropriate.
c). The thickness of the bubble diameter of 20-28mm can be used from 100g-200g/㎡. The most commonly used is 200g/㎡. Because the bubble is significant, if the thickness is too thin, it is easy to burst. Therefore, the usual consistency is thicker than that of tiny bubbles.

4). Unique process: double-sided bubble, printing, colour air bubble film.
a). Double-sided air bubble film: also called three-layer air bubble film, an air bubble film with bubbles in the middle of the film on both sides. Under the exact weight of this kind of film, its compression resistance is not as good as ordinary air bubble film. But compared to standard air bubble film, it has a specific thermal insulation performance, and it can be made into a rubber strip seal.

Three layers of bubble film
b). Printing: The structure is the same as the three-layer air bubble film. The printing content on one layer of the flat film is generally a recycled logo. The cost increase is not much, but the grade has risen a lot. And it can promote the brand and bring traffic.

Circular logo bubble film
c). Colour air bubble film: Add colour masterbatch during production to produce the desired colour. Except for pink, which is expected on the market, other colours are relatively rare.

Color bubble film

How to choose the right material quality, bubble diameter, thickness and special process of air bubble bags?

This varies from product to product.
1). In addition to anti-vibration and abrasion resistance, does your product pay attention to the appearance of the packaging? Material quality can be selected accordingly
2). How high are your product's seismic requirements? The larger the bubble diameter and the thicker the thickness, the stronger the shock resistance, but the more complex the hand feel, the product will be scratched.
3). Does your product have insulation requirements? Is there a need for publicity? Do I need to combine company VI to design the colour of the packaging product? We feel that the air bubble bag printed with a circular logo is very cost-effective, which improves the product quality and invisibly occupies the minds of customers and brings traffic.