Do you know more uses of air bubble film?


More uses of Air Bubble Film in the express box.

Many items will be wrapped with a thick bubble film to protect the items inside from transportation damage and impact. When the items are received, these bubble films will naturally need to be removed. Then these Are there any other use for the drawn bubble film? Can I throw it away?

Air Bubble Film insoles

Of course, this is not the case. Sometimes this Air Bubble Film may not be found if you want to use it. So looking at the appropriate size and no damage to the bubble film, you should still keep it because it has many uses.

First: Air Bubble Film insoles.

Now everyone buys shoes like to buy that kind of soft soles, because they are comfortable to wear and will not tire your feet, and walking will be a lot lighter, so many sports shoes are designed with air cushion shoes. If you don't buy them Air cushion shoes, you can also make soft, casual insoles yourself. First, take out the insoles inside the shoes, and then cut out a few suitable insoles of the same size on the bubble film.

Air Bubble Film anti-slip mats

Finally, put the bubble film insole into the shoe, and then put in the original shoe insole. This is very convenient, and it will be very soft and comfortable to walk.

Air Bubble Film

Second: Air Bubble Film anti-slip mats.

many items in the home need to be non-slip, for example, the floor mats that enter the door sometimes slide when they are not stepped on, and the kitchen cutting boards are also slippery, which affects the cutting of vegetables. It is solved. The method is also straightforward. For example, cut the bubble mat into a few small pieces and place them on a cutting board or the four corners of the floor mat. If you try again, you will feel that even pushing is very trying, and it will hardly move...

Including the chair or table at home, the sound is loud when dragging; you can put the bubble film on the chair leg or the table leg so that there is a layer of soft cushion underneath; even when you are dragging, you can rest assured. There won't be that harsh sound.

Air Bubble Film for Sharp Protection

Third: Air Bubble Film for Sharp Protection.

Some furniture in the home may not have smooth edges, which is not a big problem for adults, but for children, it is easy to run into it. The advice for everyone is to pay attention to the height of the child and then estimate it. Where the child may bump into, wrap some necessary hard objects with Air Bubble Film. It does not matter if it is glue or tape, as long as it can be fixed. In this way, even if a child accidentally knocks during activities, there will be no great harm. As a parent, you can rest assured.