What is the annual profit of air bubble film? How much is an air bubble machine? How much is the price per kilogram?


What is air bubble film?

Air bubble film, also called bubble pad. It is made of high-pressure polyethylene as the primary raw material, plus the whitening agent, opening agent and other auxiliary materials, and extruded into air bubbles at a high temperature of about 230 degrees. The product is a new type of plastic packaging material with light texture, good transparency, non-toxic and odourless, preventing moisture, cushioning, and heating the product. Some friends who are interested in this would like to engage in the bubble film production business. How much is the annual profit? How much is the machine? How much is the general product per kilogram?

What is the annual profit of air bubble film?

First of all, to do business, you need to conduct various research and investigations. What is local consumption? Is there a market? If there is a market, generally speaking, the labour cost will follow the average level of the local labour force. This process is relatively simple. In addition to the start-up master, you can also study and summarize by yourself, and you need to configure the staff according to the scale you want to do.

This project is more suitable for your own family (if you can master the technology). Even if you set up a bubble film unit, two bubble bag production lines, and a pelletizer, you can operate it if you have three labours in the family. If you are busy, you can hire temporary workers first, etc. After the business is stable, you can train and add employees. Steady and steady, the profit is still considerable. The new raw materials are generally between 9,000 yuan and 11,000 yuan per kilogram. Generally, recycled materials are added. The proportion of recycled materials added is determined according to different customer requirements. Recycled materials are recycled materials. Click here to learn about the parameter standards of bubble film?

How much is an air bubble machine?

air bubble machine

Air bubble machine has different configurations, sizes, and corresponding prices. There are 2-layer bubble film machines, 3-layer, 5-layer, and 7-layer. Each type has single extrusion and double extrusion, and each type is also different—the width.

The air bubble machine is mechanical equipment designed for the production of bubble films. It adopts a one-time moulding process and can continuously produce polyethylene composite bubble films. The whole machine has the advantages of variable frequency speed control, stable machine function, durability, strong adaptability, simple and convenient operation, high efficiency and effective energy reduction. Its product bubble film is also called air-cushion film, bubble film, bubble paper, etc. It is a pressure-proof, moisture-proof and shock-proof chemical product used for packaging and filling.

How much is the bubble film price per kilogram?

The price of bubble film of different specifications and different materials is different.
Main specifications: 20cm wide, 30cm wide, 40cm wide, 50cm wide, 60cm wide, 70cm wide, 80cm wide and 00cm wide, 120cm wide, 150cm wide, 160cm wide. Various specifications can be customized.
Weight per unit area: 30g-160g/m².
They are classified by raw materials: high-quality new materials (white and bright in colour), recycled materials (reprocessed from recycled bubble film, etc., because of impurities, the colour is dark).
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