Air cushion machine, operation and usage guide


What is Air cushion machine?

Air cushion machine, also called bubble film inflator, inflates all kinds of roll film, bubble film, inflatable film and inflatable bag. These bubble films can be used to fill boxes after they are grown. Logistics shipments or factory shipments are dedicated and have a wide range of uses. The cushion air cushion manufacturing machine can be placed on the desktop and assembly line to manufacture cushion air cushions directly. There are six types of air cushion films, which are suitable for different occasions and different products. The cushion air cushion effect is excellent. Many factories now use this small and mini tool.

how to use air cushion machine

Precautions when using Air cushion machine

1. Air cushion machine is the same as the winding machine. However, because of the high power consumption, the input power must be greater than the nominal power on the nameplate of the shrinking machine, otherwise, it is easy to burn the circuit or electrical components.
2. Like a baler, the machine must be grounded reliably to protect personal safety.
3. Each machine is attached to a power cable when it leaves the factory. The lead part of the end has a power identification symbol. It must be connected correctly. The illegal operation may cause electric shock.
4. When the specified voltage of the machine is a three-phase 220V power supply, the zero line needs to be input at the same time; that is, the standard three-phase four-wire system and other packaging equipment are the same, like a vacuum packaging machine. Otherwise, the device cannot work usually, and the internal electrical parts are quickly burned.
5. The machine must be installed horizontally. Otherwise, the service life of the electric heating tube will be shortened. For mesh belt conveyors, the inclined installation will cause the conveyor belt to deviate from the center.
6. When the machine is used continuously for more than three months, the temperature-resistant wires in the shrinking chamber should be inspected and replaced according to the degree of ageing.
7. When the machine is working, the palm of the operator and other parts are not allowed to contact the running features of the device, especially since the temperature inside the shrinking chamber is extremely high, which is easy to burn.
8. After the packaging work is over, the heating switch should be turned off first, and the conveying motor and fan motor should continue to run for about 10 minutes and then cut off the entire power supply.

How to improve the shrinkage effect of Air cushion machine?

1. The choice of heat shrinkable packaging film:
The packaging effect of the Air-cushion machine should be based on the different quality of the product, different materials, and different packaging effect requirements to choose different heat shrinkable packaging films. In fact, the choice of heat shrinkable packaging film is not very cumbersome, as long as the yield of heat shrinkable packaging film is mastered. , The thickness is moderate. The main factor of heat-shrink packaging film that affects the effect of product heat-shrink packaging is the shrinkage rate. The larger the shrinkage rate, the better.
2. Air cushion machine configuration:
The air cushion machine is heated by a heating tube inside the furnace, and then fan blades are blown to shrink the shrink film by hot air. The heating method of the shrink machine is quartz tube direct heating, stainless steel tube inner circulation air. Natural inner circulation-type shrinking effect better.