How is the bubble film made?


What is a bubble film?

Bubble film is also called bubble paper. Usually, when we receive express delivery, businesses will use bubble film to wrap the things we buy firmly. When you take out the contents of the bubble film, what will you do with the bubble film?

The bubble film is made of low-density polyethylene material. It is a frequently used packaging material. Its function is to form air bubbles in the double-layer plastic film to prevent impact and extrusion and play a buffering role. , To protect the packaging products, while the bubble film also has the function of heat insulation, because the bubble is air, the bubble film has the advantages of a lightweight, transparency, etc., and is widely used in packaging products or filling gaps in all walks of life.

The invention process of bubble film

The invention of bubble film can be said to be a "failure" product. In the 1950s, Americans were preparing to invent a three-dimensional wallpaper. They sucked bubbles on a plastic film and then covered it with another plastic film to lock the air. , In this way, the bubble film was invented.

However, this kind of bubble film as wallpaper failed and has not been recognized since it was launched on the market. Later, with the development of electronic technology, various sophisticated electronic products need to be packaged and transported. People found that this kind of bubble film is very suitable for packaging. Since then, this kind of bubble film wallpaper began to play a role in the packaging industry and has been popular today.

Bubble film mainly has two structures: single layer and double layer
There are single-layer bubble films and double-layer bubble films. A single-layer bubble film is composed of one layer of film and one layer of bubbles. This kind of bubble film is full of bubbles and is suitable for packaging for various purposes.

The double-layer bubble film is one more film than the single-layer bubble film. The bubbles are sandwiched in the middle so that both sides are as smooth as possible, suitable for special packaging.

Single layer bubble film

The production process of bubble film

1. Choose different types of resin raw materials according to the soft and demanding requirements of the bubble film. The raw material particles are sucked into the mixer, and the different types of raw materials are mixed and stirred evenly according to a specific ratio. The mixed raw materials are sent to the following process through the pipeline.

2. The raw material is put into the extrusion moulding machine. The raw material particles are heated and melted at a high temperature of 230 degrees Celsius, and the resin melted into a paste will be sent to the film blowing machine.
The film is manufactured by squeezing and expanding the resin. At the outlet of the film, the air is injected into a cylindrical film by pulling at the same time. The injection of air can make the thickness of the film more uniform.

3. Then cut the cylindrical film into two films with a knife, and then receive them on the roll, use a pressure roller to make the two films into a double-layer film, heat the film to soften it, and then slowly Wrapped on a vacuum forming roll with round holes, a layer of film is sucked up by the round holes and turned into a vacuum bubble.
The round holes on these forming rollers have multiple small holes connected to the machine to extract air, and the film can suck countless bubbles on the film through the vacuum forming roller.

4. Cut these bubble films into rolls and bundles and then use them in packaging. I always thought that these bubbles were made by inflating. It turned out to be so simple to make, and you can pinch the bubbles with confidence in the future.

Compression resistance test of bubble film

As a cushioning packaging material, how vital is the compressive energy of the bubble film? We usually use our hands to pinch the bubble film alone and will not feel how much pressure it has.

However, someone put a stack of bubble film under a hydraulic press, and it was quickly squashed under the pressure of the hydraulic press. The sound of bubble bursting can be heard during the entire rolling process, and the pressure instrument next to it shows that the maximum pressure has reached 70,000. It is more than kilograms, but when the press rises, the squashed bubble film begins to expand again, as if the press has no effect on it.

Bubble film pressure test

Can bubble film help relieve tension?

According to research conducted by the College of the West of New England, the process of squeezing the bubble film can calm people's moods and make people more conscious. That is to say, pinching the bubble film can make people decompress. This behaviour is similar to shaking. Legs and fingers tapping on the table are a way for the human body to relieve stress, which can relax people's tense muscles and achieve the effect of reducing stress.

Also, as the bubble film is squeezed to produce the sound of "Boom. Boom. Boom...", continuous pinching will produce a series of sounds, which will make people feel satisfied, so the recently stressed friends can try it; maybe it really will have an effect.