Bubble pillow, environmentally friendly gap-filling material


Why use a bubble pillow?

Merchants generally use cartons when packaging products. However, due to customers' wide variety of products, merchants can't have suitable cartons whenever packaging products. Therefore, to effectively protect the product during transportation, the inner filling of the packaging carton is produced.

Early bubble pillow material

In the past, to save costs, people generally used waste paper, rags, wood scraps and other waste materials as filling materials to protect products. Although these waste materials can preserve the product buffer to a certain extent since these materials are waste materials, it is inevitable to leave debris that contaminates the product during the filling process, and it is also unacceptable in terms of visual aesthetics.

As a result, businesses use cushions such as pearl cotton and plastic foam as void fillers for their products. Although the effect of pearl cotton and plastic foam is better than that of waste paper, rags and other materials and has a certain improvement in visual effect and appearance, the biggest shortcoming of pearl cotton and plastic foam is their volume. The volume of pearl cotton and plastic foam cannot be compressed, and their volume will not change before and after Use. As a result, the storage cost of pearl cotton and plastic foam has begun to cause headaches for businesses. And the whole world is calling for environmental protection, and these two filling materials will also pollute the environment. Therefore, the Use of environmentally friendly filling and packaging materials has become a trend.

Bubble pillow's requirements for environmental protection

When it comes to environmentally friendly packaging materials, the most popular ones are currently the air-filled packaging series. This type of packaging includes bubble pillow, air column bag, air-cushion film and other products of different specifications. A bubble pillow is a packing product belonging to the filling category, which is composed of PE film and a large amount of air filling. It has a cushioning effect that is unmatched by traditional air cushions. It uses the least amount of materials to fill the voids in the packaging box, reducing the waste of packaging materials.

Bubble pillow

Bubble pillow can withstand high pressure without being damaged and can effectively avoid violent sorting, collisions in transportation and other damage to the packaged goods. Because Xuanwang's air-packed filling bag products are in roll film shape when stored, the storage space is greatly saved. At the same time, it is convenient to use the bubble pillow packaging, which is ready to use; just tear it off and put it in the box to improve packaging efficiency.

More importantly, any link of Xuanwang cushion packaging products from raw materials to finished products is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. At the same time, it can also customize specifications and print corporate logos according to customer needs. It is better to choose a Xuanwang bubble pillow to fill the gaps in product packing.