The bubble bag plays the role of shockproof protection during product transportation.


What is the function of the bubble bag?

The transportation environment of the product is usually harsh. Factors such as bumps, vibrations, and collisions will cause damage to the product. Under these circumstances, if the product is not correctly cushioned and packaged, it will undoubtedly cause significant economic losses to the enterprise, so how do we solve it? What about this kind of problem?

The bubble bag is an auxiliary packaging material used for cushioning and protection. The bubble bag can reduce product damage caused by vibration. It is a shockproof cushioning package that requires cushioning packaging materials. Other common cushioning packaging materials include foamed plastic, honeycomb cardboard, bubble cushion, inflatable bag, air column, foam and other cushioning materials.

As a new type of environmentally friendly cushioning packaging material, the packaging bubble bag has the advantages of good cushioning performance and vibration absorption performance, light texture, good protection performance, and a wide range of use. Therefore, it is suitable for the transportation and protection packaging of various products.

The inflatable bubble bag can absorb the energy of vibration or impact after wrapping the items and fill the gaps in the box with sealed bubble bags to avoid excessive shaking of the items during transportation. When the bubble bag is shockproof, it can effectively absorb the impact and effectively protect the packaged product.

Transport bubble bags are economical and affordable.

For some of the products we usually buy online, bubble bags can be the best packaging method. For example, we typically use digital products, clothing, porcelain, and products with bottles and cans, and bubble bags are perfect. So, yes, but as the bubble bag packaging industry matures, bubble bags are divided into many sub-fields. Next, I will introduce our everyday bubble bags.

The transparent bubble bag is our most common and most widely used bubble bag. When this kind of bubble bag is still a bubble film, it can be directly used with a width of 1 meter, 1.2 meters. 1.4 meters and more. It is simple, convenient and fast to pack things. And many small things can be produced into simple flat bags with this bubble film to hold all kinds of products suitable for transparent bubble bags.

The characteristics of ordinary bubble bags have good shock absorption, lightweight, good transparency, elasticity, sound insulation, shock resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, non-toxic, odourless, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant.

bubble bag

Arch squeeze film bubble bag

Arch squeeze film bubble bag is one of the most used in the express industry. Therefore, it can be said to be specially created for the express industry. The bag sample can be divided into flat pockets, envelope bags, etc.; the colour is mainly divided into natural colour, yellow (golden bull) colour, and white; The surface can be printed with a variety of colours; it is used primarily for shockproof, waterproof, pressure-proof and other functions. These features are all designed from the express industry as a starting point.