Three ways to test the effectiveness of cushioning packaging


If goods need to be packaged and transported through logistics, the cushioned air column bag is one of the primary packagings to protect the interests from damage. For significant e-commerce companies, there are many types of packaging materials in the market, and how to choose them is a headache. Here are a few ways to test whether the cushioning packaging is effective and efficient.

One. Test the load-bearing capacity of buffer packaging

In the process of transportation, handling, loading and unloading, in addition to the impact generated by external forces, the product will also withstand various forces. Under the action of these forces, the effect of the protected product on the cushioning material will be more than usual. . Therefore, it is an effective way to test the load-bearing capacity of cushion packaging. The inspection method is as follows: put the goods into the selected buffer package, throw and toss. If the product is not damaged, cushion packaging is an effective packaging material.

Two. Test product recovery

Generally, hard cushioning materials have more excellent impact energy absorption and are suitable for small impact forces. The cushioning material needs to absorb the energy generated by the impact, but pay attention to the absorption performance of the material and the impact energy received. To adapt, it is by no means that the more absorbent, the better the fabric.

Three. Test the resilience of goods

In transportation, handling, loading and unloading, the goods will be impacted by external forces and collide back and forth in the cushioning packaging. If the selected cushioning package does not have good resilience, then the space of the product in the cushioning package will become larger and larger so that the product is extremely prone to damage. So testing the resilience of commodities is an effective way. The test method is as follows: put the product in the buffer package, shake, shake or directly press the back of the product or other force to remove the product; if the selected buffer package rebounds immediately or quickly, then the selected package is an effective packaging material.

Looking at the current cushioning packaging market, there are traditional cushioning materials, such as foam, pearl cotton, paper, etc., but these materials have general impact resistance, and it is difficult to achieve the cushioning effect produced in the modern transportation process, and the product is easily damaged; secondly, The package of this kind of material is not tidy, and it is easy to leave debris on the product.

Air column bag is a new type of air cushion packaging material.

This situation is fundamentally changed. First of all, the composition of the air column bag is made of PE and nylon. Nylon has excellent stretch resistance and recovery properties; in addition, the airbag is composed of 99% air and 1% film, and air has Excellent shock energy and shock absorption, with good recovery. Therefore, the air column bag fully meets the three standards for testing whether the cushion packaging is effective.

Air column bag

In addition, the inflatable bag meets the seventh category of environmental resource recycling, can be naturally degraded or recycled, and is green and environmentally friendly. It not only caters to consumers' environmental protection psychology but also complies with the requirements of the development of the times. More importantly, the air column bag is small in size, convenient to transport and easy to use, and the bag body is tidy and will not leave debris on the product.