Some problems in the use of air column bags


Where are the air column bags mainly used?

The function of the air column bag is to prevent collisions between products and play the role of filling and buffering. It is mainly used in the packing box to fill the gap between the product and the packing box to protect the goods from damage caused by impact. It is widely used in packaging and filling cosmetics, lighting, electronic products, glass container products, ceramics, precision instruments and other products. It is flexible, convenient, and inexpensive, making your product packaging more beautiful and novel.

Why does the air column bag not leak after it is inflated?

Air column bags are used as cushioning packaging. Because of their good protective effect, environmental protection, and convenient transportation, they are deeply loved by manufacturers and consumers. When choosing air column bags, many customers will ask a question, how to make our air column bags. Why does the air column bag not leak after it is inflated?

Production technology of air column bag:

1: The air column bag is made of PA and PE nylon compound, which is different from the seven-layer film used in commercial places. The raw material of the air column bag is made of nine-layer co-extruded film, which is heat-sealed by the air column bag-making machine. , The content of nylon determines the extensibility and compressive performance of the air column bag.
2: The air valve of the air column bag adopts the top physical reverse valve in the current packaging industry. The differential pressure of the air is used to firmly lock the valve so that air cannot leak through the valve. The principle is to use air pressure to firmly press the two membranes of the valve. Therefore, the air column bag will not easily leak after being inflated.

Causes of air column bag leakage

What is the cause of the air column bag leak?

The most common problem encountered by many customers who purchase air column bags is that the air column bag leaks or the air column bag are inflated. The possible principles are as follows:
1. The air column bag is not tightly sealed due to the adjustment of the air cushion machine or insufficient mould temperature during production. This will cause the air column bag to leak at the edge sealing position after inflating (because the manufacturer has a record for defective products And exclude, this kind of situation is relatively rare).
2. When the air column bag manufacturer is packing the produced air column bag, the air column bag is damaged due to touching the elite items (this phenomenon is also very rare because the staff is well aware of the characteristics of the air column bag. Will pay more attention!).
3. When the customer received the air column bag, he accidentally touched the elite items before inflating (note that the customer has not formed the habit of protecting the air column bag).
4. A common phenomenon that is also prone to occur is that when the air column bag is inflated with an air compressor, the air compressor does not adjust the air pressure to directly inflate, which will easily cause the cushion. Air column bag to be inflated!