What are the advantages of inflatable packaging compared with traditional packaging?


Compared with carton packaging and newspaper packaging, inflatable packaging is more and more popular with businesses, but some people do not understand that they are all packaging. Why can inflatable packaging be so praised?

The advantages of inflatable packaging are mainly in 3 aspects.

1. Save space
Industry insiders pointed out that the inflatable packaging uses 99% air and 1% plastic film. This kind of packaging is very flat before it is inflated, and it does not take up space and can be stored in large quantities without worrying about insufficient space. Traditional packaging materials take up a lot of space, but the waste of materials is severe. Take newspaper packaging as an example. The packaging of a fragile product often requires at least five newspapers, and it also needs assistance such as foam.
This does not guarantee that there will be no accidents during transportation, but the inflatable packaging is not the same. The inflatable packaging can adjust the packaging size according to the size of the product and has excellent shock resistance and cushioning capacity. There is no need to worry about the product being damaged or dropped during transportation broken.
2. Recyclable and pollution-free
This is of great help to the image of an enterprise. The material used in the inflatable packaging is a gas column bag. This material has been tested and does not contain toxic substances and heavy metals. It meets environmental protection requirements. At the same time, the raw materials are clean in any state because there will be no pollution or no pollution. Cause environmental problems. It can be recycled after one use to avoid waste of resources.
3. No product displacement will cause product damage
In addition to saving space, inflatable packaging will not cause displacement damage. We all know that traditional newspapers and carton packaging require a large amount of filling to ensure that the product is well protected. Even so, no business can guarantee that it is 100% okay. Inflatable packaging is different. Its appearance makes product displacement and external force extrusion all a thing of the past. As long as the quality of inflatable packaging materials is ensured, there will be no problems during transportation.

Inflatable packaging bags have many benefits. In addition to the three points mentioned above, they can also improve corporate image, reduce labour costs, and reduce transportation costs. Ease of production, easy modification, and short lead-time are all advantages of inflatable packaging.
In short, it is recommended that merchants use this environmentally-friendly packaging method for packaging. This is not only to ensure that the product is not harmed during transportation but also to protect the environment and prevent excessive waste of the earth's resources.

The following describes the difference between air cushion packaging and air column packaging.

1. The difference in principle
Air cushion packaging relies on the volumetric compression of gas for shock absorption.
Air column packaging is to uses a physical structure for shock absorption.
2. The difference in focus
The focus of the air cushion is cushioning, and there is only one process.
What the air column pushes out is to absorb energy and then release energy, which is equivalent to two processes.
3. The difference in the scope of use
The air cushion is suitable for packaging small objects.
The air column is ideal for the packaging of heavy objects.
Pros and cons
1. The air cushion has a single process, small elasticity, small space occupation and good shock absorption effect.
2. The air column will bounce up again, occupying an ample space, and may cause secondary vibration, and the shock absorption effect is perfect.