Disadvantages and usage specifications of air column bags


Disadvantages of air column bag

The protective effect of the cushion air column bag is indeed perfect, but it also has a shortcoming because its production material is plastic film, and the plastic film is easily pierced by sharp objects and damaged, so the air column bag also has this shortcoming, plus, The cushioning performance of the air column is mostly dependent on air pressure to form a cushioning layer to prevent packaging items from being damaged by the outside world. Therefore, if the air column bag touches a sharp object during use, the air column bag will be damaged and leaked, and it can no longer be used.

With the extensive use of air column bags in various industries, more and more people are beginning to understand air column bags, but in the process of using them, they will encounter various problems. So what are the use methods of the air column bag and the precautions during use?

cushion air column bag

Preparation before use of the inflatable bag:

1. Be careful when unpacking the outer packaging of the air column bag, and do not scratch the inflatable packaging;
2. The working environment is required to be clean, do not use the outer box with nails, do not rub the packaging materials on the ground, and do not have sharp tools stab wounds during use;
3. Place the air column bag on a smooth surface to avoid contact with sharp objects and cause the airbag to be punctured and leak;
4. If you use an air packaging machine to inflate, please use a 2bar pressure regulating pump valve to ensure that the valve table is accurate and normal, and adjust the air pressure (within 0.8bar) according to the inflation parameters to avoid excessive pressure causing the air valve to rupture;
5. Please use a suitable inflatable air nozzle (the length of the air nozzle is about 2cm, the hole diameter is 0.5cm-1cm) to avoid the need to move the air nozzle to inflate one by one when inflating due to the use of a slender air nozzle, which will cause uneven inflation.
6. If the packaged items are angular, it is recommended to add a carton package outside the air column package to ensure that the packaged items are better protected.

Pay attention to the use of the inflatable bag:

1. Find the airway opening (you can use the air nozzle to blow open the entire airway at the same time), and then insert the air nozzle into the airway opening. The air nozzle should not exceed the stop valve of the air column, so as not to move the air nozzle at the end;
2. When starting to inflate, pinch the inflatable passage and nozzle appropriately, try to avoid air leakage, of course, also pay attention to properly loosen when the inflation is close to completion, to avoid overcharging;
3. If there is no air intake in a certain air column during the inflation process, it is because the air stop valve has not been flushed, so you only need to squeeze the air stop valve of the air column to solve this problem;
4. How much time is spent in the inflation process depends on the number of air columns, the size of the inflation bag and the inflation pressure, and the need to avoid overcharging;

Matters after using the inflatable bag:

From a safety point of view, users need to be very careful when using the air column bag, try to avoid touching sharp objects so as not to touch the cushion air column bag and cause damage. If there is a real need, they should be sharpened before use. Use the water chestnut after treatment.
If there is a problem during the inflation process, please contact Xuanwang in time.