The Types of Air Column Bag - No ink valve


The Types of Air Column Bag-No ink valve

Wuxi Xuan Wang Packing Co., Ltd is an inflatable packaging manufacturing company with ISO9001 quality management system certification. The ink-free air column bag has been polished for a long time by the technical team and has the advantages of fast inflation, less scrap, and good air-holding performance. The inflatable part of the ink-free air column bag can be opened naturally without rubbing, which reduces the trouble of not finding the inflatable port and dramatically improves the packaging efficiency. In addition, all the air columns are fed simultaneously after inflation; the air columns are more uniform and complete, and it is not easy to charge. In addition, the air column bag valve adopts an ink-free design, which is pollution-free in production, easy to recycle, and more environmentally friendly.

air column bag

Xuanwang ink-free air column bag VS traditional valve ink

1. Fast inflation and cost-saving;
2. The air inlet and the inflatable channel are naturally opened, and there is no need to knead while filling;
3. Inflate at the low air pressure, evenly air intake, and all air columns are saturated at the same time to avoid partial bursts;

Why choose the Xuanwang air column bag?

1. Low cost
1). Moulds do not restrict the production of air column bags, and the production efficiency is high;
2). Short delivery time, fewer materials, and low production cost;
3). Small storage space, low storage cost;
4). The weight of the air column bag is smaller, and the transportation cost is reduced.

2. Good environmental protection
1). The production of air column bags is pollution-free and has little impact on the environment;
2). It belongs to the seventh category of recycling standards and is easy to recycle.

3. Save time and effort
1). The air column bag is ready to be used and filled, which is convenient and fast to form;
2). Reduce the packaging process, easy to operate.

4. Good protection effect
1). The air column bag adopts air shock absorption, soft cushioning, absorbing a large amount of impact potential energy, and dispersing the pressure on the product;
2). The air column is independent, part of the air column is damaged without impact, and it can still provide good protection for the product;
3). Good air tightness can provide long-term storage and transportation without air leakage.

5. Good coating
The air column bag can be made into various covering bag shapes according to the form of the product so that the product is embedded in the air column as a whole to reduce displacement.

6. Water and oil proof
The air column bag adopts high-quality PE+PA film, sturdy and durable, and the surface is waterproof and oil-proof.

Secondly, the structure of the air column bag is that a plastic film wraps the air. The characteristic of this structure is that the air can absorb external force vibration, and the air surrounded by the film has a certain rebound force. Therefore, when there is damage from an external force, the anti-collision air column bag is Can play a role in protecting the product.

Finally, the air column bags are tailor-made according to the product. As long as you provide the size of the packaged product and the outer packaging or provide samples directly, Xuanwang can make the most suitable air column bag according to the product. Why do you need to fit the product? What? Because only the fit product will not allow the product to sway left and right in the air column bag and cause damage.

It is precisely because of these characteristics that the Xuanwang air column bag can protect the product from harm, and it is more worthy of your choice!