What are the classifications of air cushion films?


The role of air cushion film

Air cushion film is also called dashed film. It has good toughness and an excellent shock-proof effect. It is rechargeable when used. It is a necessary cushioning filler for most e-commerce delivery nowadays. It is different from the traditional bubble film; large bubbles are independent and easy to burst. The new air cushion film is flat before it is used and does not take up space. When in use, it is inflated with an automatic sealing machine to form an air cushion to prevent the product from being impacted. The product has a buffer protection effect when shaken, and it also has a dust-proof effect.

Classification of air cushion film

According to the appearance of air-cushion film, it can be divided into gourd roll film, continuous roll filling bag, continuous roll quadruple row, continuous roll air column roll.
The characteristics and advantages of different air cushion films

1. Gourd roll film

Gourd roll film
Features: After being inflated, it consists of many round airbags; easy to tear line design, tear as much as you need.
Advantages: good toughness, good shockproof effect, ready to be charged when used; different from traditional bubble bags, extensive and easy to squeeze.
Uses: wrapping products and filling gaps.

2. Continuous roll filling bag

Continuous roll filling bag
Features: When it is torn off and used, it is similar to a filled airbag.
Advantages: The material is solid and resistant to extrusion and can be used as needed.
Purpose: Generally used to fill the gaps of cartons and improve the stability of packaging.

3. Consecutive quadruple row

Consecutive quadruple row

Features: It consists of four rows of inflatable air exhausts of the same size.
Advantages: It is puncture-resistant and not easy to be damaged. It can be used as needed, and it is not wasted to tear as much as necessary.
Purpose: To wrap the product, fill the gap, effectively protect the product, and prevent it from being damaged by shaking.

4. Continuous air column volume:

Continuous air column volume

Features: It is composed of air columns of the same width, which can withstand 30 kg flat pressure.
Advantages: With good elasticity and toughness, different column widths can be selected according to the weight of the product.
Purpose: To prevent collisions between products, to play a filling and buffering role.

Advantages of air cushion film

1. The air cushion film has a wide range of adaptations
The choice of a cushioning package by the merchant must have been considered in many aspects, and the scope of adaptation of the air cushion film, from food packaging worth a few yuan to packaging of valuable instruments with a price of hundreds of thousands, can meet the requirements of the product’s functionality, reliability, and safety. Requirements for flexibility, adaptability, economy, and timeliness. For high-end electronic products such as computers and mobile phones, transportation must be stable and minimize vibration. This requires that the packaging must have good impact resistance. For food, cultural relics protection, instrumentation industry, etc., it must be ensured that there is no damage during long-distance transportation. These requirements can be met in the cushioning air cushion film.
2. A wide range of applications for cushioning air cushions
Air cushion film can not only be used for packaging but also as a filling for gaps. In terms of application scope, in the electronics field, food industry, cultural relics protection, ceramic glass products, instrumentation industry, etc., products that need to be packaged in all walks of life can be filled with cushioning air cushion film.
3. The cushion air cushion has good economic and social benefits
The air cushion film avoids the damage of the goods during the storage and transportation process and saves financial loss. Moreover, the cushion air cushion material is relatively cheap, the processing equipment is simple, and the packaging cost is reduced. This way, the company improves the product profit and brings economic benefits.
4. The cushion air cushion is environmentally friendly
Traditional product packaging considers anti-vibration and often uses foamed plastic. Due to the large volume of foam plastics, poor compression performance, and disposable packaging, it becomes waste after use and is not easy to recycle. Compared with foamed plastics, the amount of materials used in cushioning air cushions is less, and it can be designed and used according to the requirements of different products. The gas can be exhausted before and after use, effectively reducing the volume, and it is very convenient to transport and use. It can be recycled, repeated, used multiple times, and can also be recycled and reused to meet environmental protection requirements.