Principle and Structure of air column bag


The cushion air column bag is an innovative solution for packaging technology in the 21st century. The purpose is to protect a series of products during transportation and ensure storage after completing the transportation cycle.

The working principle of the air column bag

The air column bag uses LLDPE and NYLON laminating or co-extrusion method, which has tensile resistance and balanced force characteristics. Through continuous compression, an air-tight inflatable column is formed. The machine makes the protective film into an air column protective bag, which we call Air-Bag.

Using physical principles, one-time inflation, complete row full, automatic airlock, forming a diving cabin, 360 ° surrounded by multiple air chambers to form comprehensive protection of the product, each air chamber is independent of other air chambers.
In the event of damage, only the damaged single air column will fail, and the remaining air columns will not be affected at all and still provide uninterrupted protection.

According to the structural principle and production process of the cushion air column bag, we can see that it is mainly composed of the following parts:

Inlet | Inject gas
Inflation channel | Gas path
Air film | central part
Valve | Prevent backflow
Heat sealing line | prevent air leakage
Air column | Buffer protection

Air film is the primary raw material of the air column bag.

Air film is the primary raw material for the air column bag. It uses 7-layer or 9-layer co-extruded film (the barrier properties of different plastic materials vary greatly) to achieve high barrier effects against oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and odours, so it has Non-pollution, high barrier, muscular function, high strength, etc., and has the solid anti-puncture ability. The new generation of technology increases the self-adhesive performance and dramatically extends the storage time of the air column bag. Generally, the industry-standard nylon content is 18%-25%.

The air valve is a crucial part of the air column bag.

The air valve is a key part of the air column bag, and a special one-way check valve is used, which only allows the medium to flow in one direction and prevents the flow in the opposite direction. The reverse air check valve works automatically. Under the action of the fluid pressure flowing in one direction, the valve flap opens. When the fluid flows in the reverse direction, the reverse flow will be cut off due to the fluid pressure.

No ink air column bag

The valve membrane of the Xuanwang air column bag adopts a patented design without ink. By eliminating the heat-resistant ink layer materials in the prior art reduces environmental pollution and achieves a more environmentally friendly effect.
The application of this "patent of the inflatable airbag with no heat-resistant layer design" in inflatable packaging brings higher cost-effectiveness: the inflation speed is two times that of traditional printed valve products, which greatly improves packaging efficiency.

No ink air column bag

The air inlet is located on the upper side of the air column bag and is the inlet of the air source. The size of the air inlet is generally (2-2.5) cm, and the cross-sectional shape is rectangular. It is composed of two layers of air film splicing and combining. When inflating, the air inlet is naturally opened, and the air pump nozzle is inserted into the air inlet and sealed to be inflated.

The air passage is the main passage of the air source. It is located above the airbag and is a passage connecting the air inlet and each independent air column. As the main pipeline, the air duct is equipped with independent one-way check valves in its branches. The gas is input from the air inlet and is transported to each independent air column through the main air duct to ensure synchronous, smooth and uniform air intake.
The air column is the key link of bag buffer protection, and its quality is very important. Each gas column is equipped with a check valve to ensure that the gas enters and is full while preventing the gas from leaking in the opposite direction. The most important thing is that each air column is an independent unit.
As a necessary process in the production process, heat sealing is a prerequisite for other parts to take effect. If the heat sealing of raw materials is not completed or the quality is not up to the requirements, it will inevitably cause air leakage of various parts, thereby affecting the use of the entire airbag.

Xuanwang is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of air column packaging materials. It takes integrity and quality as the starting point. It is our responsibility to pass professional testing, quality assurance and prevent problems before they happen!