What are the types of cushioning inflatable packaging?


What does Xuanwang Packaging Company mainly do?
Xuanwang is an inflatable packaging manufacturer and a packaging service company specializing in inflatable packaging. The company has a professional inflatable packaging service team engaged in cushioning inflatable packaging for 20 years. With superb technology, it has high-quality products and guaranteed quality. You provide full service.

The primary function of cushioning inflatable packaging
The primary function of cushioning inflatable packaging is to protect the transportation safety of the product. Due to the different shapes of the product and the weak point, there are other design schemes, which will use filled airbags, air column bags, bubble bags, etc.

The main types of inflatable packaging

1. Filling airbags
Filling airbags are suitable for the support and shaping of bags and shoes, as well as the cushioning and sealing protection of the space between the interior of the carton and the product. Because of its beautiful appearance, low cost, convenient inflation, environmental safety and cleanliness, it has been widely used in the market.

Filling airbags

2. Air column bag
The air column bag is composed of 95% air and 5% glue film. The material is entirely flat, thin and short before being inflated. It does not take up space and dramatically reduces the storage space of materials. It uses physical principles to fill the entire row with one inflation, automatically lock the gas, and form protection similar to a diving cabin. Even if it is damaged, only the damaged air column will partially fail, and the rest of the air column will not be affected in any way. Maintain the best protection effect, provide long-term storage and transportation for the product without leaking buffer protection, and have an air column comprehensive covering design so that the product damage rate can be effectively reduced to a minimum.

3. Bubble bag
Another name for the bubble bag is gourd film. It is made of PO and PE materials. It is a commonly used transparent flexible packaging material. It is widely used in electronics, meters, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, kitchenware, furniture, etc. Buffer packaging industry such as scraps and precision instruments. The principle is that the film contains air to form bubbles to prevent the product from being damaged by impact and to ensure the best protection for the product when it is shaken. It needs to cooperate with the inflatable bag-making machine to complete the inflation. Of course, its most significant advantage is to realize automatic inflation without manual operation. It is the most convenient for e-commerce companies and companies with large shipments and rude staff.

The above is the inflatable cushioning packaging introduced by Xuanwang inflatable packaging. If you have any questions about cushioning inflatable packaging, you can always consult our customer service or call our product manager at +86 180 6150 2907.