Choose air column bags and pay attention to details.


When using air column bags to package products, you may often encounter these problems:

Some air column pockets are broken with a finger;

The air column bag leaked after being filled;

The air column bag with yellowing colour is very uncomfortable to look at;

Some air column bags are difficult to tear off, the material is rigid and so on.

What are the familiar shapes of air column bags?

Several conventional bag-shaped air column bags to choose from, namely Q-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped air column bags, etc.

1. Q type air column bag
It is suitable for the packaging of slender goods, most of which are preferred for packaging fragile high-end glass bottles such as wine.

Q type air column bag

2. L-type air column bag
It is suitable for products with large width and complete protection. The method of use is to put the product in a bag and then use a plastic bag to glue the upper and lower parts together.

L-type air column bag

3. U-type air column bag
It is suitable for longer products or gift boxes. When the product is put into the bag, one side is not wrapped.

U-shaped air column bag

The air column bag produced by Xuanwang is smooth to the touch and gives the product a sense of security. Whether it is for red wine, irregularly shaped or heavy products, it can protect it well.

How to choose the air column bag suitable for my use?

Although the air column bag is ubiquitous, it does require some knowledge when selecting it. Those details that are easily overlooked by us are just an essential part of improving the safety index of air column bags.

Choose a large company that produces air column bags.
Air column bags produced by small manufacturers cannot guarantee whether they will use qualified raw materials and may even use recycled materials. Harmful substances cannot be avoided in recycled materials. Therefore, when choosing air column bags, priority is given to selecting well-known brands from large manufacturers. The raw materials will be more secure.

What most people care about most is that the air column pocket is not easy to break. If the product is put into the air column bag, and the air column bag suddenly breaks or leaks, the product loses its protection. Everyone does not want to encounter such a thing.

Five safety indexes of air column bags

1. Bearing weight
That is to say; the air column bag can hold multiple products. The following table data explores the bearing capacity of air column bags with different air column diameters.

Bearing capacity of air column bags with different air column diameters
2. Resistance to penetration
The sharp edges and corners of the product often puncture the air column bag, causing the air column of the air column bag to rupture. Only a sufficiently strong air column bag can bring a sense of security to the product.
3. Tear resistance
The quality of the air column bag is not entirely related to sharp objects. The air column bag that is easily damaged is more likely to be damaged during use. Some small manufacturers reduce the nylon content during production, and the flexibility of the air column bag decreases, so It is easy to damage the pack due to pulling or tearing during use.
Note: Under normal circumstances, the nylon content of the air column bag needs to reach 20% to meet the specification.
4. Airtightness
If the airtightness of the air column bag is not good, then it is likely to leak during transportation, causing the product to be damp or damaged, especially the electronic products, which cannot be used after being damp. Therefore, the airtightness of the air column bag is an important dimension.

Two methods of testing airtightness:

1. You can use penetrant to test the air column bag, and the result will be quickly obtained;
2. Fix the air column bag to a fixed number of meters, fill it with air and let it stand for 24 hours, and observe the air leakage.
Note: Under normal inflation pressure, the air column bag will leak slowly like a car tire. Usually, the air leakage rate is less than 8% within six months.

In addition to the above dimensions, the raw materials of the air column bag and whether it is easy to be torn are all areas that need to be considered.
The quality and load-bearing capacity of the air column bag are indeed determined by the quality of the raw materials, and it is not that the thicker the film, the better the quality. The new raw material is non-toxic and tasteless, and its toughness is more vital than that of recycled materials, and it has stronger pull resistance and a more robust load-bearing capacity.

In short, if you have requirements for the quality of air column bags, you can choose manufacturers with a good reputation. Many air column bags seem to be cheap, but in fact, both the quality and safety are relatively poor. In addition, you can contact the manufacturer to obtain some air column bag samples before buying (Xuanwang is a 20-year manufacturer that has sent samples free of charge), or buy a small amount and try it, and then purchase in large quantities after making sure that there is no problem.