How much do you know about air column bags?


The following are six frequently asked questions and answers about air column bags.

1. What determines the sales price of inflatable bags?
The raw material cost of the inflatable bag is the highest, accounting for the central part of the price. Xuanwang uses a polyethylene and nylon co-extruded film, which usually requires at least 15% of the nylon content to ensure the regular use of the inflatable bag.

2. Which products are suitable for cushion packaging with air column bags?
Due to the unique form of the air column bag and the composition of raw materials, almost all products that use cushioning packaging can be replaced with air column bags, incredibly fragile and valuable items, which require air column bags. The main products that need to be protected on the market today include electronic goods, sauces, and bottled alcohol. With the better and better reputation of the air column bag, and the price has become more stable, many brand manufacturers and merchants have begun to use the air column bag as the first choice for cushioning packaging.

3. Can the inflatable bag accept high temperatures?
The inflatable bag can withstand a high temperature of 65°C for 24 hours, and the use effect will not be affected.

4. Can the air column bag be used generally in a low-temperature environment?
The air pressure and volume of the air column bag will be reduced correspondingly in a low-temperature environment, but the use effect will not be affected in any way.

5. How long can the inflatable bag last after being inflated? Will it leak?
Strictly speaking, an inflatable bag is like a tire, and there must be a slow leak. However, through the one-way check valve, the amount of air leakage through the membrane is negligible. Generally speaking, it is expected that the annual air leakage will account for about 15% of the total inflation.

Uninflated air column bag

6. What to do if the inflatable bag leaks?
a. Slightly increase the inflation pressure and select 12PSI for inflation, and a small amount of air leakage can be compensated.
b. After the inflation is completed, seal the air inlet of the inflatable bag with a sealing machine to ensure that the air pressure of the inflatable bag is standard for more than one year.
c. After half a year, inflate the air column bag to make up for the lost air pressure.

Multi-purpose air column bag

Quality factors of inflatable bags

The inflatable bag is made of PA and PE materials, and the content of PA is the critical factor that determines the quality of the inflatable bag. Generally speaking, 15% content is the industry standard. Because the content of PA can make the inflatable bag have good extensibility, it can maintain high strength and toughness under different pressures.
In addition, the inflatable bag is composed of many independent air chambers, and each air column has its own separate reverse valve. A reverse valve means that after inflating, there is no need to do sealing treatment. Using the principle of air pressure, the valve is locked to achieve the reverse closed valve.

How to use a red wine inflatable bag?

1. Prepare the red wine and bag that need to be inflated, and then put the red wine in the inflatable bag.
2. Find the air inlet of the red wine inflatable bag, pinch the air inlet, and inflate the red wine inflatable bag.
3. After the inflation is completed, loosen the air inlet. Because of the reverse valve principle, the gas can only enter but not exit.