What is the difference between a cushion bubble bag and pearl cotton?


What is pearl cotton material?

EPE is a traditional packaging material, and bubble bags are a new type of cushioning packaging material, and they occupy a significant share in many e-commerce packaging materials.
EPE (EPE) is a foamed polyethylene cushioning packaging material made of polyethylene resin, with a foaming agent, crosslinking agent, and other materials added.

The advantages of EPE:

1. Has a strong buffer;
2. High thermal resistance, which has a strong protective effect on the packaging;
3. It can be used for anti-extrusion, anti-friction, collision, etc.

As the number of e-commerce companies increases, the price range of similar products is becoming more and more concentrated. Many e-commerce companies try to reduce commodity prices to increase sales. However, there are still some merchants who insist on quality-oriented. They believe that although the price is higher than other merchants, their high-quality products and product packaging can still win the favor of consumers.
However, in today's most price-sensitive consumer groups, our products and consumers may miss out due to the gap of a few dollars.

Most e-commerce companies use pearl cotton as a filling and protective material when selling more expensive or fragile products. Although pearl cotton as a filling material can effectively protect the safety of goods because it has excellent protective properties, it also costs a lot.

So, how to effectively reduce the cost of e-commerce without lowering the quality of goods and packaging materials?

Xuanwang cushion bubble bag is a good choice.

cushion bubble bag

Xuanwang cushioning bubble bags can be used as cushioning materials for plastic products. The cushioning and shockproof performance of this packaging material is similar to that of pearl cotton. Still, the cost of Xuanwang cushioning bubble bags is much lower than that of pearl cotton. When the bubble bag is stored, it does not need to be inflated, so it has only the thickness of the plastic bag, is small in size, is lightweight, and very convenient for transportation, which significantly saves storage space and transportation costs.

Compared with pearl cotton, the Xuanwang bubble bag has the characteristics of cushioning the expansion of the bubble bag, which can achieve the same cushioning protection effect of the same volume of pearl cotton. Still, in terms of the original cost, the cushioning bubble bag has apparent advantages.

Among the many cushioning packaging materials, cushioning bubble bags and pearl cotton has become the common choice of e-commerce. Under the same packaging protection, the choice of cushioning bubble bags will undoubtedly have an advantage in terms of cost.