How tons do you know approximately the quality of air column luggage?


Air column bag, additionally known as cushion air column bag, inflatable bag, bubble column bag, cylindrical inflatable bag, etc., is a new form of packaging cloth full of air in the 21st century. It is a viral packaging cloth.

Ten blessings of air column luggage:
1. Beautiful appearance: transparent look, close to the product, and superb design, that could boom the fee of the product and decorate the company photograph;
2. Green and environmental protection: the 7th sort of fabric that meets useful resource restoration, recyclable;
3. Water-resistant and moisture-evidence: plastic fabric, moisture-proof and waterproof;
4. Accurate airtightness: the common air leakage charge inside six months is underneath 10%;
5. Properly cushioning and anti-seismic effect: the composition of the air column bag is pe+nylon, that is strong and sturdy and has precise airtightness; the air column is used to support the product for suspension safety, disperse and absorb the outside pressure, and the rupture of 1 air column does no longer have an effect on different air columns;
6. A huge variety of packages: suitable for luggage, handbags, liquid merchandise, electronic merchandise, circuit forums, remedy, books, cosmetics, precision units, ceramics, handicrafts, family appliances, glass merchandise, hardware merchandise, milk powder cans, furniture, end result, susceptible items which include plant life;
7. Store mould costs: it can be customized in step with the product length, no want to open the mold twice, and the molds can be compatible with each other;
8. Save inventory space: the air column bag is mild, skinny, and flat before inflating. As compared with different packaging substances along with foam, paper pulp, and pearl cotton, it saves greater than ninety% of the storage area;
9. Lessen transportation costs: it could update conventional packaging substances, reduce the quantity of the outer field via more than 10%, and boom the number of packing containers;
10. Clean operation and hard work-saving: bendy cutting, inflatable, no need to seal, one-time molding, easy packaging, significantly improving work performance; the usage of an automatic inflator (air column roll) can fill eighty luggage in 1 minute, high performance, to save staff and enhance the economic efficiency of the corporation;
Xuanwang has designed an expansion of different models and specs of air column baggage for various industries. Regardless of which enterprise you're in, you could find a suitable packaging answer.